10 Best PPD Sites To Earn Money Online 2018


10 Best PPD Websites To Earn Money Online

PPD Sites are known as Pay Per Download. Where people earn money by just Uploading Files and Download. Its very easy source to earn money from home. Just upload Some files, software and share it with your group, forums etc. No matter what purpose you are going to use Pay Per Download Sites, but you always want to select the highest paying website, right? But, without testing out each of them, it isn’t possible to check which one of them is the best.

What are PPD Sites?

First, let me clear the full form of PPD (Pay Per Download). Now let’s discuss more on this topic. Some of the sites available on the internet with upload and download feature. And many of peoples using Google Drive, MediaFire, Dropbox, etc. But these sites are free, and they also provide higher download speed. There are too many bloggers and other peoples, who want to earn money from home. So PPD sites are one of the best ways for them. So we have tested almost 10+ websites and decided to share the best pay per download websites with our readers.

#1 UsersCloud

UsersCloud is one of the best and old PPD site. It is a file hosting site that offers unlimited storage space to registered users. In addition, there is an option to double your account into on-demand file hosting with offers the benefits of PPD. That means users are paid when people download files.

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#2 DailyUploads.NET

Daily Uploads is also a very popular used PPD network. It is known for its speed and dependability. Users can easily host and monetize files with the help of Daily Uploads. The minimum payout is $25. Hence, so many people prefer Daily Uploads.

#3 Fileice (Survey)

First of all, I personally hate Survey sites because they told to download unwanted software. So back to point Fileice is one of the best pay per download website to earn money. They will pay a minimum $0.50 to maximum of $2.00 for each successful download. Just make sure that you are following criteria of Fileice approval policy.

#4 Do Uploads

Do Upload s also a very popular used PPD network. It is known for its speed and user interface. Users can easily host their files and monetize with the help of Do Uploads. The minimum payout is $10.

#5 ShareCash (Survey)

ShareCash is also one of the oldest PPD sites. This site offers quick surveys to the traffic which turn into earnings for the host. Users are paid for each download. The rates are high you can check on earning list, and minimum payout is just $10. Payments can be received by direct bank deposit, Paypal, Payza, etc.

#6 Uplod.io

Uplod.io is one of the highest paying PPD sites, It is known for their higher rates, they do have a clean download page that will lead you to higher downloads. People mostly focus on higher rates, but most websites are filled with intrusive Ads, whereas UPLOD.io comes with clean download page and also mentions “How to Download” Page that will lead you to higher downloads and earn more money.

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#7 IndiShare

Indishare is for those, who are working on movies and songs download sites. Indishare providing faster download speed instead of other PPD sites. But they will also pay the little amount for each download. You can check their rates list on the website.

#8 Dollar Upload

Dollar Upload is yet another PPD site that offers earn by uploading and hosting files. Users can even lock a link to content, thus maximizing the earnings. Payment is easy as well as the minimum payout is $10. Hence, it is a good choice as a PPD network.

#9 UploadOcean

UploadOcean is another best Pay per Download Website. It is a great way to monetize your downloads. The rates are quite good as users can make about $20 for every 100 downloads depend upon tire. It is hassle-free and very effective. UploadOcean is one of the most trusted PPD sites.

#10 Uploads.to

This is last in our list and this is also a good PPD Site to earn money.  If you have traffic on your website, you can earn much profit from using it. And it pays a good amount for India and for other countries like USA, Canada, etc. it pays the highest revenue per click.

Note: PPD Websites Domains Are Changed Every Time So You Don’t Need To Worry About It.

Final Word

I hope you like this list these are the best, most legit and best-rated PPD sites available that you can use to maximize your earnings on the internet. I’ll update this list time to time if I find something new or better payout site. So if you know other best site which pays high revenue, you can share with us or just leave a comment down below.

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