10 Best VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts


10 Best VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you love to use VLC Media Player, so this post is really for you guy’s vlc media player is top and most used player on the internet it has millions of download and i also love to use vlc media player because it has so many unique features which other players don’t have. In this article, we discuss vlc shortcuts which you can use in your media player.

10 Best VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts

1. A to Change Aspect ratio

Using this feature you can change any video aspect ratio or screen size to fit into your display. This is a unique feature for everyone who loves to watch movie in full-screen mode.

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2. J & K To Set Audio Delay

This feature is for who love to watch movie in VLC Media Player and sometime some movies has audio delay and you hated to watch movie in delayed audio, so this feature is for you, you can adjust audio delays using J and K.

3. Alt+Left/Alt+Right to Fast Forward slow

If You want to skip a few seconds on the video? Simply press the Alt button along with the direction key in which you want to skip (right for forward and left to go back). Each key event will skip 10 seconds of your video.

4. Ctrl+Left/Ctrl+Right to Fast forward Medium

To skip a minute in the video, replace the Alt key in the above shortcut with the Ctrl key.

5. Ctrl+Alt+Left/Ctrl+Alt+Right = fast forward long

If the seconds and a minute is not long enough, just combine both, the Alt and the Ctrl key along with the directional button to skip 5 minutes of the video. This feature is for long duration video to skip instantly without wasting time.

6. B to Change Audio Language

If your Movie or video has multiple audio and you want to switch between one to another audio you can you this button to change your preferred audio language.

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7. Ctrl+Up/Ctrl+Down to Increase or Decrease Volume

Don’t want to use the mouse wheel for video control? just press the Ctrl key and use the up and down directional keys. It’s always easier to use the mentioned shortcut key than to hunt for the volume button.

8. N/P = Play next in list/Play previous in the list

If you have multiple tracks in your playlist you can simply press the N or P to play the next or previous media respectively.

9. Space to Pause and Play

If you want to pause and play your video in a single button, so you can use your space bar for pause and play your video. This is a unique feature because so many players don’t have this awesome features.

10. Ecs Button to Exit Full Screen Mode

You want to exit your full-screen mode in an easy way, so you can definitely love this feature to exit from full-screen mode.


VLC Media Player has so many unique features that is why it’s most downloaded and most used media player in this world. If you really enjoy this post you can share with your movie addicted friend also if you know some cool other shortcuts which is not listed above, you can write in comment section we will love to add into our list.

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