10 Incredible Best AppLock For Android Device 2018


10 Incredible Best AppLock For Android Device

Are you searching for a good app locker for android device, if you are not using any app locker that is good, so many people are not using app locker I am also not using any app locker because I don’t need it, but you want to lock your apps and protect your device from children’s, friends, families or any other people who are using your android phone. So you are in the right place because we are going to discuss best app locker for any android device.

What is the use of app locker?

An App Locker protects your phone from unwanted access which you don’t want anyone to use your phone and look your photos, videos, and anything which you want don’t want to share with anyone. Some device has built-in App Locker, and some devices don’t have AppLocker and thanks to Google Play Store we have lots of App Locker into the Play Store which you can use and protected personal data.

Best AppLock For Android

1. AppLock

AppLock by domobile lab, this is most downloaded AppLock available in the Play Store it has so many unique features that’s why so many people download and used this app locker. You can lock your videos, image, app or anything you want to secure.

First of all visit play store then search and install it in your device after installing the Applock app, you will need to create a master pattern lock and use it every time you access the application. You can also hide the app icon from the app drawer so no one can access it easily.

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2. Privacy Knight-Privacy Applock

Privacy Knight privacy app lock design by Alibaba group this is also a good app locker and the most highlighted features of this app is ads free. If you are irritated with ads, you can download this and use it.

This app lets you lock apps through different methods like PIN/pattern, fingerprint, face tracking or disguise cover like a blow to unlock, shake, or a crash message. Also, this app has so many unique features like preventing uninstallation of any app stop any app notification like WhatsApp, Hike, Twitter, Facebook, anything you want. Also, the app captures photos when you enter the wrong password.

3. AppLock – Fingerprint Unlock

App Lock designed by Cheetah Mobile. This is also one of the best app locker available in the playstore, The app supports fingerprint unlocking and allows you to lock apps and settings such as WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.

It also allows you to set a delay in re-locking apps and provides the ability to capture a selfie of an intruder when three wrong attempts are made. Besides, you may select the background of this locked page from the photos or get any themes inside the app. CM AppLock is free and ad-free so that you can check it out.

4. Norton App Lock

Norton, This is a very famous name if you are a tech geek probably you heard Norton name. This is a very famous company for security and antivirus. Norton App Lock also offers an ad-free Android app locker.

Norton App Lock provides a recommendation list where it suggests the apps which you need to lock up. It is bloated with a lot of features. However, it can still be a proper selection and does its job reasonably well.

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5. AppLock – Fingerprint

Smart AppLock is an AppLocker or App Protector that will lock and protect apps using a password or pattern and fingerprint. This app also allows you to set a fake lock to make people fool.

This app support 30 different languages you can also upgrade this app to the premium version to remove unwanted ads. In this app, you can lock your notification set multiple locks also you can secure your screen and use the remote lock feature.

6. Hexlock App Lock

This is one of the most recent app lockers on Google Play, and it offers a very appealing interface. You can lock apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS, Gmail, and Contacts, with your fingerprint, pattern, or PIN to keep all of your data protected.

This app is let you know which Wi-Fi you are using the app can automatically enable a profile. Like some other app can do, this one will snap a photo of anyone trying to unlock your apps without your permission, and also saves the location. This free app includes ads, but you may choose to pay for a non-ad version through an in-app purchase.

7. Perfect AppLock

Perfect AppLock, let’s you protect you any apps you want with PIN, Pattern or Gesture. You can also lock Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, SMS, Email, Gallery, Camera, USB connection, Settings and any other apps you choose.

This app also takes a selfie of an intruder, but it does that after three failed attempts and displays the image when you unlock the phone. You can also lock a pre-installed or built-in app is accepted, including locking of incoming and outgoing calls. You can also set the app to display a fake error message when opening a locked app and also remotely launch the app lock through SMS commands.

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8. LOCKit – App Lock

This app has fantastic and cool features. If your parents or lover check your phone regularly, then this app will help you a lot to minimize that.

This Android app locker lets you hide your private videos and photos from your gallery and secure them inside different vaults. There is a power saving mode, intruder selfie, and you can also enable it to prevent uninstallation of apps that are locked. It is free with in-app purchases and contains advertisements.

9. AppLock (IvyMobile)

This app which will allow you to lock up almost everything on your android device. There are many additional features like hiding your pattern when drawing it, using a shuffled keyboard to enter your password or pin, faking an icon and intruder selfie capture.

10. App Lock: Fingerprint Password


App Lock: Fingerprint Password By Keepsafe, We all know the moment of discomfort when handing a phone to friends or family, only to see them suddenly start opening applications they shouldn’t. That’s why this app has built in a secure and easy-to-use application locker with PIN, pattern or fingerprint password protection. So you can hand your phone to other people without worrying that they will stumble into the wrong application or screen. You can also prevent apps from being uninstalled and secure your device.


So guys here is the top 10 Best AppLock for Android device. I tried to give you detail about every app and explain you everything how this app is work and what is the app’s features. If you know anything about other apps which is not on my list, you can comment below. I will add the app in our list when I’ll updating this article.

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