How To Access iMessage On Windows PC 2018


How To Access iMessage On Windows PC

iMessage has been one of the most popular messaging apps out there since it was launched and as a result, it’s used by the majority of iOS users. That being said, iMessage isn’t without its issues and you may experience problems which prevent you from accessing your messages. This is the main reason why iPhone users are learning how to check iMessage online and fortunately, there are several solutions that give you the option to do so.

if you have a Mac computer then you’re able to simply install iMessage and attach your account – this isn’t that useful if you have a Windows computer, though. While that may be the case, there are some third-party tools that you can use.

Here’s to the real meat of why you found this page, the ability to access iMessage online when you don’t have an Apple device around to use instead. I’ll walk you through all of the available options but note they are a bit limited as Apple has not made the software open source as many people have asked them to do.

Note: Keep in mind that any of these tricks will require that you already have an Apple App Store account, which means you need to pretty much have an Apple device to sign up. If you don’t have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac then try to borrow a friend’s Apple device so you can sign up and get an account.

Method 1: Download iMessage App on Windows Using Chrome Remote Desktop

If you want to download iMessages for Windows PC with no jailbreak, just try this method. But using this method, you need to prepare a Mac and Windows PC in advance. Then follow the exact steps below:

  1. Download Chrome and Chrome Remote Desktop on your Windows PC.
  2. Once installation complete, press launch app.How To Access iMessage On Windows PC
  3. Then download and install Chrome Remote Desktop Host on your Mac by clicking on the link provided above.
  4. Then follow the on-screen instruction to connect both the computers. After you can enjoy iMessage on your Windows PC and easily access your Apps and files securely and freely.

Note: This method has some limitations like you must have both Mac and PC for iMessage hence, it doesn’t work for those who do not have a Mac.

Method 2: Install iPadian On Your Windows PC

To Install an iOS app you will need to first download install the iPadian app on your windows pc. iPadian is the best tool that simulates the interface of an iPad so that make your Windows desktop look like an iPad. With it, you are allowed to download iMessage on Windows PC. We will go through step by step how to do that:

  1. You need to download ipadian emulator and install it on your pc.
  2. When installation is finished launch ipadian emulator in  your pc.How To Run Almost All iOS Apps In Windows PC
  3. Login your app store id and password in ipadian.
  4. Then download imessage from app store, if app is not installed in you ipadian.
  5. Launch imessage app, that’s it.

Method 3: iMessage Through Jailbroken iPhone

Another option is to use a jailbroken iPhone or iPad to send and receive iMessage text online through a Mac or a PC. However, jailbreaking your device and what you can expect from it. Not everyone knows about it, but jailbreaking your iPhone is installing an operating system that is different from the native iOS operating system that Apple provides. Basically, you’re replacing the operating system to give yourself more flexibility and control of the settings, what apps can be downloaded, etc.

Note: Jailbreak is void your device warranty, so do it your own risk.

  1. First thing is to jailbreak your iPhone, if you already done this move down below.
  2. Next, you’ll need to download Cydia, which is the equivalent to the Apple App store for jailbroken iPhones.
  3. On Cydia, there is an app called Remote Messages that you should download and install onto your iPhone.
  4. Once you have Remote Messages head over to Settings, then Remote Messages and enter in your desired username and password. Make sure you enable the setting and enable the password protection for authentication.
  5. On your PC, open a browser and type in the IP address given on the settings of your iPhone followed by “:333” without quotation marks. This will prompt the login page so that you can get into the iPhone and send messages through it.
  6. You will notice that there is a login screen, just enter in the username and password you chose before and you will be granted access to the iMessage service.
  7. Boom that’s it your all set enjoy.


This is where we discuss how exactly are we going to access iMessage from your computer when you sit down at your desk at work or at home. As always, let us know in the comments if you hear of any other tips or tricks to get it to work and we’d be happy to hear about them and add into our list.

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